7 Gems To Supercharge Your Life

The practical "How-To- Steps" to energize your day, your food, your home and to attract GOOD experiences into your life.

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Practical Steps On How To Increase Your Fun And Be More Effective In Life

7+ Episodes Of Ariya's Life Filmed In Her Private Home

Get Down To Earth With Spirituality

My Friend asked: "How exactly do you do it, Ariya, that you create your dream life, are super effective and yet have tons of energy left at the end of the day....?" I get this question all the time. Now here you see me actually utilizing the tools I teach in my life at home in Hawaii. Come join me and lets have fun together.

Balance Your Life

Would you like more balance and a way to live your life more congruent with what you believe? This will help you do exactly this.

Transfer It To Your Own Life

All Gems are transferrable into your personal life situations so you can use them exactly how it works best for you.


Through This Online Training You Will Be Able To:

  • Know exactly how to perform normal tasks in a 'spiritual' way
  • Stay healthy and happy also in challenging situations
  • Avoid accidents or other difficulties before they occur
  • Have fun taking care of your household, entertaining guests, preparing meals
  • And More....

This course will help you bring spirituality down to earth by using the tools and metaphysical concepts in your practical life.


You can use them with your partner and even your kids will enjoy them.


They will increase your ease and the joy of life for yourself and your loved ones.


You can go at your own pace in this online training and also download each 'Gem' onto your device to watch on the go.


Two fun bonuses come with the 'Gems' that will make you smile.

Karen Webster Phillips, Canada

I feel like something is shifting in me. I seem to have more energy, and seem to be motivated to change some patterns of behaviour. I have also had my first experience...I think...of “dropping into my heart.” I have never really experienced this consciously, but have had some new moments of clarity with this!

Alette Ohnemus, South Africa

I just want to say that I am getting more and more excited every day! I feel as if you have given me wings to fly! I loved every week and every single session.

Stacie Coleman, USA

I am so loving these sessions every day!!! I thought I’d share the symbol that appeared for me. I’m making more of them today to place everywhere as Ariya suggested. And I’m playing Santa this weekend with my Christmas trunk!!! 😁 I have a lot, but it was long overdue. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, Ariya Lorenz, for this eye-opening journey!!! 😘🙏🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻❤️

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7 Gems to Supercharge Your Life

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