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Within this community of light, we continuously connect and align ourselves with the Divine to awaken and experience Unity Consciousness.

  • Connect with your soul family
  • Greet every challenge with confidence and poise
  • Live your highest and best life without question or delay

Learn powerful metaphysical tools, teachings and energy sessions

Connect with a partner in a synchronistically guided experience

Reunite as One with other Lemurian Souls ~ a highly elevated tribe

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Live Teachings

Access to live broadcasts and recordings on the Zoom platform, where Ariya downloads and transmits wisdom from above

Energy Sessions

Join guided energy sessions with Ariya as she channels the healing powers of Ancient Lemurians, Angels, Masters, Dolphins & Whales, and more . . .

Lemurian Activation Sessions

Allows us to heal the wound of abandonment and reconnect us with pure source energy of oneness and bring forth our unique frequency 

Access to Lemurian Community

A private community platform to hold sacred space for all included and amplify one's expansion and manifestations

Connect with a Light Partner

Pair with someone to co-support each other on a personal transformation journey of Light!

Access to the Lemurian Convention

An upcoming and immersive online convention with many guest speakers and Lemurian Leaders

Live Q&A Calls

Participate in question and answering at the end of each session - Ariya will respond through her own wisdom and the teachings of her Light Entourage

The Lemurian Tribe grants even more offerings . . .

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